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In our 40-year history, we have acquired several material handling product lines, such as Knickerbocker, Brudi and Swingshift. The attainment of these lines has allowed Super Fab to compete in a wide variety of industries, such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining, construction, and forestry. Today, we continue to build, service, and improve these products to better serve our wide breadth of customers. Standard Lift Masts Super Fab offer capacities up to 36,000 pounds, and customized units can be designed to achieve even higher capacities. Our innovative designs are not limited to forklift truck attachments, but are available to a wide range of material handling equipment, as well.


Superior Fabrication Company, coupled with its acquisition of the Swingshift mast and integral carriage line in 2001, has become a niche-producer of medium and heavy-duty industrial forklift masts and carriages, for currently, up to 80,000 lbs capacity. Similar to the rough-terrain product, the industrial line of masts and carriages is known for its ruggedness and durability in a wide variety of applications for industrial cushion tire and pneumatic trucks. Whether in the factory or in the yard, these products are built to the highest standards in order to meet the customer’s material handling needs.


Since 1987, Superior Fabrication Co., LLC has established an OEM proven full line of free lift and non-free lift high visibility rough terrain forklift masts and carriages. These durable and reliable masts and carriages are adaptable to work in a variety of applications from light to heavy duty, including construction, agriculture, lumber, mining, industrial and even entertainment. Superior Fabrication prides itself on its ability to provide each, and every customer the attention they deserve to work through their specific material handling concerns. Superior Fabrication has a proven record of offering quality solutions for many different rough terrain vehicles, including masts and attachments for wheel loaders and capacities of up to 35,000 lbs.


Whether built to your drawings and specifications or to SFC’s design based on your requirements, SFC strives to provide the highest quality truck-mounted solutions. Superior Fabrication has established a very innovative approach to design, which provides the most durable and reliable masts and carriages, while maintaining focus on the weight sensitivity of these forklifts. The company’s extensive background in the rough terrain forklift market, and long-standing manufacturing experience have positioned SFC to aid any OEM in achieving their goals, through product support both at the factory and in the field.


Superior Fabrication offers a variety of forklift masts for the automated guided vehicle (AGV) market including standard hydraulic AGV masts, electric masts with ball screw, and very narrow aisle (VNA). Superior Fabrication AVG offerings are tailored to the high cycle, high lift and low deflection required to withstand and succeed within this growing industry.



Superior Fabrication is here to provide you with the engineering and manufacturing expertise to execute your most challenging projects where superior strength matters.